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Post #21 27.08.2016, 20:54
Gotty VIP

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Adolf красавчик! Никогда с читами не играл!!

Rosalinaa you're great! But still we need a bit more money. Just think everybody! May be even your 5 bukcs will change the world!!

Post #22 27.08.2016, 21:42
Boevik Администратор

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Будем надеяться,что Эрик рано или поздно восстановит серв) Эрик никогда не сдается,это в его силах)

Post #23 29.08.2016, 20:21

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I would be glad to offer 5-6 euros/month, there's no prob for me. if necessary, i can push me to 10.

Post #24 01.09.2016, 09:46

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Yeah what Rosa say, i can donate u about a 5-6 euro/months. I know its not that much, but hey! many small amounts can go far! :D And happy to see the servers are online again!
Meanwhile i working on a jump server. I have some kind of problems with it, but i hope it will be good in the near future. If it will be good, feel free to join, and jump :D

Sorry my english is not the best :D ;)

Post #25 05.09.2016, 22:07
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Thanks for all, server is back. Thanks for help to stay live servers. Topic will be going in archive. I love you all!

Спасибо за все, сервер возвращается. Спасибо за помощь, которая продлевает жизнь серверам. Я люблю всех вас! Тема в архив.


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