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After 3 days 1/06/2k17, the project will be closed.
Thanks to all, for 5 years of play, for a good mood, for friendship and help, all good luck!

Через 3 дня 1/06/2k17, проект рекод.ру закроется
Спасибо всем, за 5 лет игры, за хорошее настроение, за дружбу и помощь, всем удачи!

tHANKS FOR ALL! thankyouyellow

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Как с тобой связаться после закрытия ?

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ReCod Администратор

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Wow what a great birthday gift :smile_sadsmile: :smile_sadsmile: Nah just kidding...
We all had a feeling this would happen, since servers were off for so long... however it's still sad that it closes... one of the few things why I used to play Cod still... :cry: :cry: :cry:
I had very good times playing on the servers and met some cool people too! It also helped me to take a break from my life's problems and depression, so i'll always be thankful that this server was online, it allowed me to forget for some time all that bad shit!
I want to say thank you too, for trusting me and letting me have administration power for that long! It was a pleasure to help on the servers, I did my best,, and even that sometimes we had some problems, I'm glad that we could fix them. Thank you so much! thankyouyellow thankyouyellow

I hope to see you all around guys, even that it won't be the same gameplay (cracked servers are terrible -_-). I really had fun with y'all and I hope you guys did too :) I guess, most of us will keep playing in other 1.4 servers so it shouldn't be a problem to have some fun sometimes!^^ snipersmiley

And again, thanks Erik for letting this happen! I wish you the best, seriously :smile_kiss: :smile_kiss: <3 Hopefully some day we can see again some server by you , LA tree ;) Seeing the main admin drunkii in the server is probably the best shit i had seen around cod, seriously. You are awesome dude :smile_rofl: :smile_kiss:

A real pleasure to share the servers with you all. Hope to play with you again! Lots of love :smile_kiss: :smile_kiss: :smile_kiss: :snipersmiley: :snipersmiley:
:smile_flower: :smile_bigcry:

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Germanhat Admins(cod1_1_4)

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A pleasure to have played with you. Very grateful for your dedication. I hope we continue to see each other.

A friend.

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Не буду писать долгие мемуары, просто СПАСИБО. За все. Удачи тебе во всем, за что бы ты не взялся

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